A.spear – Bypass SNI/HTTPS Cen

– Free and fast traffic – Anonymous, Safe – No records, no censorship

B]Censorship bypass[/b][/font] without degrading speed

Instead of a slow VPN, try a speed-free A.spear!

– Free and fast traffic

– Anonymous, Safe

– No records, no censorship

Click one-click to bypass censorship, to security>/b>/font>

Avoid censorship quickly and safely with a click of the button!

No surveillence, Just on and off!

You’re totally invisible and powerful!

Battery usage close to ZERO

A.spear is an optimized battery efficiency system that allows you to use your smartphone for a long time.

Feel the battery usage that’s so efficient that you don’t even know it’s working!

Any censorship is patched in three days!

A.spear was the first to offer a technical solution on the day the government introduced HTTPS censorship, and was launched in three days!

Warning sites, https, dns, sni, all browsers. No government hassle, nobody tackles your trackway

<Safe Internet>

A.spear enhance security so that governments and hackers cannot see your Internet communications. Be the hero, meet force, troop.

Use the Internet safely with a A.spear!

What’s New in the Latest Version 2.2.14

Last updated on Jan 3, 2021

– Some bugs are fixed


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