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A.spear – Bypass SNI/HTTPS Cen

– Free and fast traffic – Anonymous, Safe – No records, no censorship. Censorship bypass without degrading speed. Instead of a slow VPN, try a speed-free A.spear!

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How to create a Windows 10 bootable USB: It’s easier than you think

Every Windows user should have a Windows 10 boot drive around at all times. It can save you from future headaches if you run into issues with your computer.

Windows 10

Using CertMgr to Install Test Certificates on a Test Computer

The following CertMgr command adds the certificate in the certificate file CertificateFileName.cer to the Trusted Root Certification Authorities certificate store on the test computer:

For Linux, SSH root access setup

Contents SSH Concepts Allowing SSH root access restrictions SSH Concepts Before using SSH, use the Telnet method…

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How to do Hometax electronic tax invoice

Overview When doing business, there comes a moment when you need to issue an electronic tax invoice. For those who have just started a business, an electronic tax invoice…

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Hometax account registration for business ID

Table of Contents Registering a Hometax Business Account Business Account Reporting Deadline Business Account Reporting Method How to Report a Business Account Registering a Hometax Business Account If you are a business owner, you must…




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